Hepatitis C

Unlike milder hepatitis infections, Hepatitis C, or HCV, is likely to lead to long-lasting internal damage. Get screened for Hepatitis C on STCClinic.com to be sure you’re virus free.

The word ‘hepatitis’ comes from the Greek words ‘hêpar,’ liver and ‘itis,’ inflammation. There are a few varieties of Hepatitis, including A, B, and C. Hepatitis C spreads via blood-to-blood contact.

An estimated 2% of the world population is infected with HCV, and some 399,000 infected people died of the disease in 2016. There’s currently no vaccine to prevent HCV infections, but treatment is possible for those who have contracted the virus.

Unlike Hepatitis A or B, Hepatitis C often remains in the bloodstream for up to 85% of affected individuals. It can pave the way for chronic symptoms that, eventually, cause irreparable liver damages and even cancers.

Hepatitis C


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